The Car Rental Insurance Los Angeles Drivers Use

Car Rental Insurance Los Angeles | Supplemental Car Rental Insurance Los Angeles

Whether you are on vacation or your car is in the shop, you are getting a rental car. The customer service representative over the counter asks if you want to purchase their car rental insurance. So the question is, are you covered? Unfortunately, too many renters are unsure, allowing the car rental company to profit from their ignorance. Let SafeCal help take the guesswork out of car rental insurance by finding the right level of coverage for you. We can do this through our extensive knowledge of the insurance industry, which allows us to assess your existing level of coverage and any supplemental car rental insurance you may need.


SafeCal’s Supplemental Car Rental Insurance Can Save You Money


SafeCal is the Los Angeles insurance agency that can help you figure out the amount of car rentalinsurance you need, and not a penny more. We can appraise the level of coverage offered by yourexisting auto insurance, credit card company, and, if needed, the rental company. Unlike the rental company, we never offer you coverage you don’t need. We just make sure your supplemental car rental insurance will be there for you when you need it. To find out more about our car rental insurance services, contact one of our insurance agents today for a free quote.