Health & Medical Insurance

Covered California Health Care Act

Thanks to new provisions under the Affordable Care Act, affordable health insurance for small business is easier to secure than ever before. Here in California, small business owners with one to fifty employees can now purchase group plans through the Covered California SHOP. This marketplace offers a wide range of insurance options from private insurance companies, allowing you to select the amount of coverage you want to offer your employees.

Here at Safecal, our agents are licensed by the California Department of Insurance to provide you with the best plan to meet your needs. Our friendly, knowledgeable insurance agents are working extended hours six days a week to provide all of our customers with the help they need before the deadline to secure coverage in January 2014. We never charge for consultation services and always go out of our way to make sure our customers get the best price for the most coverage possible.

Getting affordable health insurance coverage for your employees carries a number of benefits.

  • Boosts Employee Loyalty
  • Increases Productivity by Reducing Employee Absenteeism
  • Tax Advantages
  • Control Over the Level of Coverage You Offer
  • Easy Billing

In Los Angeles County, the following health insurance companies offer coverage through the SHOP marketplace:

  • Blue Shield (PPO)
  • Health Net (HMO, PPO)
  • Kaiser Permanente (HMO)

Selecting the best plan for your employees will, of course, depend on the number of employees, the kind of coverage you want to offer, and the amount you want to spend. Generally, Preferred Provider Organizations (PPOs) are favored for their relative flexibility. Patients under these plans can see any specialist within the provider’s network of physicians without the need for a referral. Health care is offered through discounted, pre-negotiated rates under these plans.

Health Maintenance Plans (HMOs) provide a network of healthcare professionals to patients on a prepaid basis. The main difference with these plans is the use of a primary care physician, a doctor within the network who must be consulted before the patient can secure a referral to a specialist. These plans are favored by those who want an emphasis on integrated care, prevention, and wellness.

Our licensed insurance agents are standing by to help you find the best coverage plan for you and your employees. Contact a Safecal representative today to get your free quote right over the phone.