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Dental Professional Insurance

Dental Professional Insurance can help maintain a successful business and protect finances. At Safecal, we provide dentists protection against malpractice claims and professional liability during business operation.

Why do I need Dental Professional Insurance?

Dentists need insurance to protect against claims of negligence and for clients who sue dentists over complications that resulted from procedures. This is called professional liability, or malpractice insurance. Though complications could have been a result of an accident, everyone is human and mistakes are bound to happen. No matter what the situation, malpractice insurance protects against accidents or preventable errors.

What Protection is Included?

When dentists have the right dental professional insurance they are eligible for protection in court. Their benefits cover the costs for your defense, including attorney and coverage for state investigations.

Protection for you and your staff should be included. Ask the Safecal representative about individual and group coverage. This ensures that everyone is protected against any disarrays that may occur during business.

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What Types of Professional Liability Policies are There?

There are two possible situations of liability, including claims made or occurrence. A Safecal agent will help you make an informed decision about each one.

An occurrence policy covers injuries or damage that occurs during the policy period. A claims made policy protects against injuries or damage based on when the claim was first made.

A claims made policy offers protection for the dentist from the start of insurance installment until the end of the career. Some dentists may want to extend their coverage to stay protected during retirement, in case further claims are made against them. Occurrence policies are similar, in that the policy protects from the start of coverage to the end of the dentist's career. However, protection from lawsuit defends the dentist as long as the injury or damage occurred during the time the policy was held.

Coverage Features Include:

We have multiple dental professional insurance policies to choose from and a Safecal agent can help guide you to determine which policies are beneficial to your practice. Dental professional insurance may include:

  • Professional Liability coverage
  • Claims made or occurrence policy
  • Medical expense coverage
  • Individual and group coverage for staff
  • Defense against malpractice claims
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