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Entertainment Insurance

Entertainment insurance can be very confusing and with the help of a Safecal agent, you can understand the different coverage’s available and bundle a package that will fit you film production needs like a glove. Safecal offers insurance coverage for:

  • General Liability- The insured is covered on losses due to bodily injury or property damage that was caused by employees or other agencies working on the production.
  • Automobile (Non-Owned & Hired)- It is unrealistic that the person in charge of production owns every vehicle in it. This coverage insures vehicles that are rented for production. Liability will cover any injury to third parties or their property. Physical damage only covers damage to the vehicle themselves.
  • Equipment, Props, Wardrobe & Set- This will cover all parts that go into making the production such as camera, sound, lighting and other miscellaneous rented equipment. Coverage should be taken out in the amount of the worth of the total equipment
  • Negative Film or Video Damage- The insured will be covered in the case of any destruction of raw film or tape stock, faulty stock, faulty cameras or lenses and exposed film or videotape.
  • Extra Expense- This will ensure a reimbursement for all out of pocket expenses if there happens to be an interruption, postponement or cancellation of the declared production.
  • Third Party Property Damage- Damage that occurs to another person’s property while in the hands of the insured for purposes of production is covered.
  • Workers Compensation- Medical expenses and all involved if an employee or volunteer is harmed during the production.
  • Excess Liability- This is additional coverage on top of general liability.

Talk with a Safecal agent to understand more about Entertainment Insurance and get the best coverage for your production.