Medical Marijuana Insurance

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Medical Marijuana Insurance


In the Medical Marijuana industry? We understand that you’re busy. That’s why we offer the following programs to help you relax and grow your business:

  • Medical Marijuana Dispensary Insurance
  • Medical Marijuana Growers Insurance
  • Medical Marijuana Liability Insurance
  • Medical Marijuana Growing Facility Insurance
  • Medical Marijuana Bakery and Edible Goods Insurance


Here are the the type of coverages available for the Medical Marijuana industry:

  • General Liability
  • General Liability for Crop companies (SafeCal can insure the actual marijuana plant while
    still in the growing stages!)
  • Workers Compensation
  • Business Property Coverage for your Growing Equipment
  • Industrial Building Coverage tailored specifically for the medical marijuana industry
  • Stock Coverage for your products (theft coverage for your medical marijuana stock)
  • Cargo Coverage
  • Malpractice, Errors & Omissions or Professional Liability Coverage
  • Commercial Automobile Coverage for the vehicles used in the transportation of medical marijuana