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Food Service Program
The Food Service Program is for establishments that prepare and serve food directly to a consumer. We will entertain a wide variety of restaurants within this program ranging from limited cooking to fine dining.

Classification Definitions:

Family Style : A full menu restaurant that caters primarily to families. E.g., American Style, Asian, BBQ, California Cuisine, Chinese, Ethnic, Italian, Japanese, Mexican, Seafood, Steak House.

Fast Food: A restaurant wherein food is purchased at a counter and then taken to the dining area to be consumed. These establishments typically also include take-out as well as drive thru service. They will include limited cooking type appliances as well as grills, broilers, deep fat fryers, roasters or BBQ’s. E.g., chicken, hamburger, BBQ, hot dog, Mexican, Oriental, Seafood.

Fine Dining : A full menu restaurant wherein the average entree price is $14.00 or more as evidenced by their current menu. E.g., American style, Asian, BBQ, California cuisine, Chinese, ethnic, Italian, Japanese, Mexican, Seafood, Steak House.

Exquisite Fine Dining: An upscale full menu restaurant wherein the average entree price is $25.00 or more as evidenced by their current menu. (CA only)

Full Menu : A restaurant that offers a variety of foods with waiter/waitress service at tables. Takeout is limited (less than 10%) and no drive-thru service is provided. Food preparation will use the full array of cooking methods.

Limited Cooking : No cooking except by microwave or convection ovens, steamers or toasters. This class shall not include food preparation with deep fat fryers (excluding shallow donut fryers), grills, broilers, roasters, barbecuing, solid fuel cooking (e.g. wood), or other processes capable of producing grease-laden vapors requiring an exhaust system. E.g., Bagel, Shop, Coffee Shop, Delicatessen, Ice Cream Store, Pasta Restaurant, Pizza Restaurant, Sandwich Shop, Yogurt Shop.

Take-Out Only : No beverages or food served for consumption on premises. There may be a small customer waiting area, however no tables or other facilities are provided for the customer to eat on the premises.

Classification Listing:

  • American Restaurant
  • Asian Restaurant
  • Bagel Shop
  • Barbecue Restaurant
  • Cafeteria/Buffet Style Restaurant
  • California Cuisine
  • Chinese Restaurant
  • Coffee Shop
  • Delicatessen
  • Donut Shop
  • Drive-Thru Restaurant
  • Ethnic Restaurant
  • Franchised Fast Food Restaurant
  • Ice Cream Shops
  • Italian Restaurant
  • Meal Preparation Store
  • Mexican Restaurant
  • Pasta Restaurant
  • Pizza Restaurant
  • Restaurant NOC
  • Sandwich Shop
  • Seafood Restaurant
  • Steak House
  • Yogurt Shop