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Travel Agency and E&O Insurance

Everyone knows that traveling has its risks and that they need to protect themselves. Travel agencies need protection too and their protection lies within Travel Agent Errors and Omissions Insurance. Weather, airlines and natural disasters are all uncontrollable by travel agents, and when they book clients to an unexpected situation this may lead to distasteful claims. No travel agent is capable of avoiding mistakes, so for this reason, Safecal offers their travel agent professionals Travel Agency E&O Insurance.

What is Travel Agency E&O Insurance?

It is a professional liability insurance to protect travel agent professionals from customer claims and lawsuits that result from rare negligence and mistakes.

For example, a family of four could be on vacation on the coast of Miami and horrible rainstorms could have injured one in their party, while having lunch on their balcony. For that the family looks to sue their travel agent for booking their vacation at an unsafe location, all because they were in the wrong place at the wrong time.

The right E&O insurance policy will protect from these unwanted claims for misfortunes that left travelers in disgust with their travel agency

Why Do Travel Agencies Need Insurance?

No matter how experienced and trained travel agents are, they cannot expect every little plan of a client’s trip to be perfect. Clients who experienced false scheduling of tours or misplaced reservations at hotels sometimes take it out on travel agents. To avoid a career-ending lawsuits and fees to pay for damages, travel agents can relax and have their insurance manage dissatisfied clients.

Who is entitled to E&O Insurance?

Likely candidates for Travel Agent E&O Insurance include travel and hospitality professionals such as:

  • Travel agencies and agents
  • Tour group services and information providers
  • Hotels and hostels
  • Inoculation and travel centers
Features of Travel Agents E&O Services:

Contact a Safecal representative and get to know the basics of the policies that your company can benefit from. There are customized professional liability policies that are in place for you and your employees, which may include:

  • General Liability and Property insurance
  • Coverage against personal injury and financial loss
  • Defense costs and negligence claims
  • Services previously performed

It would be an error for you to avoid exploring the options of Travel Agency E&O insurance for your travel agency. Contact a Safecal representative and determine which areas of your business need protection. The insurance rep will also keep their clients from over-insurance options to remain within your company’s budget. Get the right coverage for your travel agency, so you can be protected against all misfortunes along the way of your business operation