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Vapor shops and E cigarettes are constantly evolving, with the industry quickly growing to meet an exploding consumer demand. But if you are new to the Vapor Shops and E cigarette business, now is the time to secure the protection your business needs with Safecal insurance.

Whether you are a first time business owner or have an extensive history in customer service, protecting your products and your business from the unexpected is important in order for your company to thrive. E cigarettes may pose many potential risks for consumers, putting vapor shop owners at risk. The fact is we just don’t know how safe they truly are. For this reason, business owners have to protect themselves from the potential risks their customers may be exposed to.

 At Safecal we understand that there are many situations that you and your business will need protection against. That’s why we provide you with the coverage needed to insure inventory and business contents, while protecting against business interruption and providing workers’ compensation coverage for your employees.


E Cigarette Insurance – NOT Covered by Tobacco Companies

Unlike tobacco shops, which are safeguarded by the legal protection of tobacco companies, E cigarettes and personal vaporizer brands are not all protected and could leave your company exposed to lawsuits resulting from product defects. This protection is important, as a lengthy court battle can be a drain on your time and your financial resources. Whether a lawsuit has merit or not, you don’t want to be responsible for the high cost of your legal defense. And that’s presuming that the person suing you doesn’t win the judgment.

At Safecal we offer the protection you need for the many incidents that are likely to take place on your premises or through the use of the e cigarettes you sell.


Vapor Shop & E Cigarette Insurance Covers:

  • Employee and customer injuries on site
  • Damage to client property
  • Stolen items from your business
  • Work equipment or products damaged in natural disasters or accidents
  • Claims of faulty or defective products from consumers

Without vapor shop and E cigarette insurance, your company will not be protected against any of these incidents, leaving your business exposed to heavy losses and potential lawsuits down the line. With Safecal by your side, you can rest assured that the financial security of your business will be protected from the unexpected.

If your company is ready for retail or manufacturer protection, you should know about the many coverage options available to help your business as it continues to grow and thrive. Contact an experienced Vapor shop and E cigarette Insurance agent for a free rate quote, which includes the benefits of each company coverage plan.


Vapor Shop Insurance Policy Options:

  • General Business Liability
  • Workers’ Compensation – Required by state law if you employ at least one other person, this coverage protects your vapor shop if an employee is injured on the job.
  • Product Liability – Everyone in the supply chain, including the retailer (that’s you), can be held responsible for a defective e cigarette. This coverage protects you if your customers claim they purchased a faulty e cigarette from you.
  • Property Protection
  • Potential for Liability
  • Loss of Business Income – Fires, theft, wind damage, and other unforeseen accidents can result in lost income, as your business has to shut down for repairs. But the bills don’t stop coming, which is why you need this coverage.
  • Cargo Coverage – If you import a large number of e cigarettes, you need this insurance to protect your shipments.

When your business experiences an unexpected business interruption and sales have significantly decreased, you will want to save the finances you have to keep the company intact. Safecal can protect you when your business has fallen off track and help your business stay afloat.

Loss of tools and equipment, criminal damages, and an endless number of unforeseen situations can be protected against with vapor shop and E cigarette insurance. Our professionals are here to help install the insurance policies your company needs to thrive.


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