Janitorial Insurance Los Angeles

Janitorial Insurance

Janitorial Insurance coverage is a must for your janitorial services business. At Safecal we protect your business, but also we protect you, the business owner.


No matter how experienced and safe you and your employees are, there are always going to be unexpected situations and accidents on the clock that may not be able to be foreseen or avoided. As long as you have the right janitorial insurance coverage, your company will be able to move past these obstacles and maintain operation through the most devastating issues.


There are many situations that you and your business will need protection against. The staff at Safecal have handled many different cases that janitorial businesses have experienced. Some of these occurrences are likely to happen to your company.

  • An employee or client slips and falls in work area
  • Employees get injured on the job and file a claim against you
  • Damage to client’s property occurs and they file a claim against your company
  • Business vehicles get in an accident or damaged by others
  • You or employees remove or steal items from customers
  • Work equipment or offices become damaged from natural disasters, such as floods and hurricanes (homeowners policies do not cover business items)


Without Janitorial Insurance your company will not be protected against any of these situations. With Safecal you can achieve such coverage and your company will continue to thrive. It makes sense to have the right janitorial insurance coverage  to protect from the unexpected.


Take some time off for the benefit of your company and contact an experienced Safecal Janitorial Insurance agent. They are available to discuss the needs of your business and offer a free rate quote. Common Janitorial Insurance coverage includes:

  • General Business Liability
  • Property
  • Workers Compensation
  • Commercial Automobiles Coverage
  • Potential for Liability


There are a number of other coverages available for your business as well. Tools and equipment, business income, enhanced crime coverages and many others. Our professionals are here to help you select the right policies to build bridges for protection in your insurance policy.


Your Janitorial Insurance policy will be suitable for your company’s needs at an affordable price.

At Safecal we are able to discuss your business and provide you with industry insight to help make the decision easier.


Speak with a Safecal representative and find the best coverage for your Janitorial Insurance needs. We offer the finest business policies, customized programs and much more for our clients. The sooner you reach out to us, the sooner your company gets the protection it deserves.