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Non Emergency Transportation Insurance

From large fleet of vehicles to single vans, Safecal provides solutions for non emergency specialty medical transportation and Paratransit. 

What constitutes non emergency medical transportation?

Non Emergency Medical Transportation are specialized, door to door service for elderly people, persons with disabilities and rehabilitation patients. Some of the services rendered are as below:


  • Transporting the Elderly and Disabled
  • Wheelchair Transport Service
  • Bedside to Bedside Stretcher Service
  • Dialysis Patients Van
  • Physical Therapy/Stroke Rehabilitation visits

    and much more.








What kind of coverage can I get with Safecal’s non emergency Transportation Insurance?

At Safecal we always strive to provide the most inclusive coverage to our insured customers. If a nonemergency transportation vehicle is used in your company, we are sure to be able to offer excellent coverage. Some policy highlights are as follows:


  • Fast and easy turn-around
  • Master policies are available
  • Wheelchair lifts acceptable
  • Direct billing and premium finance
  • Professional and general liability coverage available
  • Broadened coverage available for certain risks









Please speak with a Safecal representative today to find out more information and about how to receive a quote for your emergency transport vehicle today!