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For your TCP and PUC business, please see below for relevant information. We serve the insurance needs for the TCP industry.


There are insurance requirements to be licensed or registered with the PUC. All carriers are required to file evidence of liability coverage using a Commission-prescribed form. For example, a for-hire passenger carrier that employs workers in its operation must file evidence of workers’ compensation coverage filing  through either a certificate of insurance (Commission form TL-938) or certificate of consent to self-insure issued by the Department of Industrial Relations.


Applicants for a TCP permit or certificate file a form application with the License Section. For TCP operators there are liability insurance requirements. With the exception of holders of a Class C charter-party carrier certificate, the minimum liability insurance requirements are based on vehicle seating capacity (not including the driver). An informational packet is available with valuable instructions to help complete the application. Once the TCP certificates and permits are presented they must be renewed every three years for $100.


Applicants for TCP operating authority must provide mandatory controlled substance and alcohol testing results for vehicle operators with a seating capacity of 15 persons or less. Applicants who employ drivers to operate vehicles with 16 people or more are required to comply with federal regulations.


For a TCP license you must follow the guidelines based upon the type of industry your business belongs to. The guidelines are as listed below.


PUC Applications According to Structure of Operation


Structure of the Operation Sole Proprietor Partnership Corporation LLC
Articles of incorporation      
Articles of organization      
Copy of commercial limo registration form DMV  
Copy of driver license      
Copy of drivers license information for each driver    
Copy of drivers license for each partner      
Copy of fictitious business name certificate    
Federal tax Id #  
List of members and percentage of shares held by each member      
Percentage of ownership by each individual      
Social security #      
Statement of Information    
Title of each officer and percentage of share held by each officer      


Permit Requirements


Class A certificate: Charter service between any points in the state

Class B certificate:Charter service between any points within 125 miles of carriers home terminal to any other point in the state: According to federal law, mileage might not be applicable to vehicles that seat more than 10, including the driver.

Class P permit: Charter services using only under 15 seat passenger vehicles.

Class S Permit: Round trip sightseeing service

Class Z permit: Specialized services not offered to general public, transportation under contract with business and industrial firms, government agencies, and private schools, also transportation of agricultural workers to and from farms.