Why Do I Need Restaurant and Bar Insurance?

Nearly every establishment involved in selling food and beverages – from

take-out restaurants to fine dining facilities, and from coffee cafes to full-service bars – can benefit from a comprehensive restaurant and bar insurance plan. The need for restaurant and bar insurance is particularly important during the holiday season because emotions run high, safety procedures are often overlooked, and occupancy maximizes. Here are three reasons why you should strongly consider acquiring restaurant and bar insurance.


Slip and Fall Accidents

Even the most diligent establishment is likely to spill food or drinks during the course of doing business. Patrons and employees alike can slip and fall if they walk through the spill; many slip and fall accidents result in serious injuries requiring hospitalization or long-term care and therapy.


With restaurant and bar insurance, an establishment is financially able to deal with a serious slip and fall incident. Without this insurance, an establishment could face bankruptcy and even closure.


Patrons Behaving Badly

Restaurant and bar insurance can protect an establishment from its own clientele, as well. If a patron drinks too much alcohol, or if a child swallows a bite of food too large to chew, or a new employee leaves an oven on and a fire erupts, then insurance can protect the establishment if it is found partially liable for the actions of the clientele and employees.


Bad Luck and Crime

Sometimes, defective electrical systems or unforeseen faulty equipment can cause severe property damage because of the risk of related fire hazards and gas leaks. Similarly, if the establishment is a victim of a crime, like arson or graffiti, then that establishment is left with costly property damage.


Restaurant and bar insurance can protect an establishment from a wide array of holiday disasters. If your business is in need of insurance and you are not sure where to start, then you will want to get in touch with an experienced insurance  group that specializes in your industry. Fill out our contact form to get a free business insurance quote or call our insurance representatives today at 1-888-535-0110.